Dirty Mother Cocktail Gift Box

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The Dirty Mother cocktail gained popularity in the 1980's in the height of the cocktail revolution.  Throughout the 80's, bar tenders began to experiment with new flavours that tantalised the tastebuds, and movies like 'Cocktail' starring Tom Cruise topped the box office.  With more flavoured liquors readily available on the market, and a thirst for new cocktails fuelled by pop culture, a number of classic cocktails were born in this decade that are still around today.

The Dirty Mother is a variation of the more commonly known Black Russian or White Russian, with the common ingredient being Coffee Liquor.  However, unlike the Black or White Russian which uses Vodka as the main spirit, the Dirty Mother Cocktail uses Brandy as an alternative.  The Brandy provides a subtle sweetness, and adds to the complexity of this drink with mellow notes of oak, derived from the wooden casks that Brandy is aged in.

If you the Black Russian is your thing, then Dirty Mother Cocktail will take this fan favourite to the next level.  With a stiff, crisp and sharp taste, this drink could serve as a party starter, or even an after dinner digestif.

The Dirty Mother Cocktail Box from Cocktail Crates contains premium ingredients to create the perfect coffee based martini, ready to shake up in the comfort of your home.  This box would be great for anyone who wants to sample this flavoursome cocktail, or as a gift box for any cocktail lover.

Contents of this box:

  • 4 x 50ml Brandy
  • 4 x 50ml Kahlua ABV. 16% vol
  • 1 x Cocktail Card
  • Makes 4 Dirty Mother cocktails 


Please note: We are continually updating and improving our boxed sets, and the contents is subject to change.  Wherever substitutes are made, the replacement will be the equivalent or better.