Margarita Gift Sets

The Margarita Cocktail Gift Set Collection

The Margarita Cocktail Gift Set Collection

Are you looking for the perfect cocktail gift for the Margarita lover in your life? Look no further than a Margarita Cocktail Gift Set from Cocktail Crates, which includes everything you need to make the perfect Margarita, packaged beautifully and delivered direct to your door.   

With a full range of Margarita cocktails on offer, you can select the perfect cocktail to match your taste, with Pineapple, Strawberry, Passion Fruit, and of course the classic Lime Margarita available for express delivery. All cocktail gift sets arrive with everything you need to make the perfect Margarita, including spirits and liquors, juices, syrups, and salt for the rim of the glass.

Every cocktail gift set includes a recipe card with step-by-step instructions on how to make the perfect Margarita - making this a perfect gift for beginners and experts alike.
Whether you're looking to buy a Margarita cocktail gift set for yourself or someone else, it will be a sure hit that will help get any part going!

Why wait? Browse our collection today and find the perfect set for you or your loved one! Margarita Cocktail Gift Set Collection

What is a margarita cocktail?

The Margarita cocktail (not to be confused with the Margarita Pizza!) is a tequila-based drink that has become one of the most popular cocktails around the world. 

This simple cocktail is relatively simple as far as cocktails go, with its core ingredients being

  1. Tequila
  2. Orange Liquor
  3. Lime Juice
Margarita Cocktail Gift Sets Collection

How is the Margarita Cocktail Served?

The Margarita can be served either frozen, on the rocks (over ice), or chilled in a margarita glass.

The Margarita is also a versatile drink, with lots of varieties that experiment with different ingredients and methods, which create entirely different flavour profiles, colours and textures. 

If you are feeling particularly adventurous, you can add different flavours and ingredients to make your own unique version of this classic cocktail, or simply select the option of your choice from the range of Margarita Cocktail Gift Sets from Cocktail Crates, including the Pornstar Margarita, Pina Colada Margarita, or the Classic Margarita. 

Whether you prefer a classic margarita or something more creative, there's no denying that this cocktail will always be a crowd pleaser.

Where did the Margarita cocktail originate?

The margarita is a cocktail that originated in Mexico, but has become popular all over the world.  The word ‘Margarita’ comes from the Spanish word for "daisy", which references the bright yellow colour when served in a glass rimmed with salt.

Margarita Cocktail Gift Set Collection

What does a Margarita cocktail  taste like?

This depends on how you like your Margarita!  However, the Classic Margarita, comprised of Tequila, Triple Sec and lime, with a salted rim, should have just enough sweetness from triple sec without being overly sweet or sour, whilst also providing a kick thanks to the strong tequila base!


Margarita cocktails - perfect for any occasion

The Margarita cocktail gift sets from Cocktail Crates are the perfect way to celebrate any special occasion - whether it's a birthday, anniversary, baby shower, stag or hen do, or just because, the Margarita gift sets come with everything you need to create the perfect drink. 

All you need are some basic kitchen utensils and ice, and you will be able to shake up this delightful tequila cocktail and ensure you have an unforgettable celebration.

Margarita Cocktail Gift Set Collection