Tiki cocktail gift sets

Originating from Polynesia and the South Pacific, Tiki cocktails have become popular with cocktail lovers around the world.  With the perfect blend of rum, fruit juices and citrus tones, you can relive those summer nights and holiday vibes with a Tiki Cocktail.

The Tiki cocktail began to grow in popularity in the 1930's, largely due to the increase in worldwide travel exposing Tiki culture to the world, and further growing in popularity as soldiers returned home after WW2 having experienced South Pacific lifestyles.

The first Tiki bar was opened in Hollywood in the 1930's, by the infamous Don Beach who is commonly known as the Godfather of Tiki cocktails.  His bar 'Don the Beachcomber' was the first of its kind, serving up rum and fruit based Tiki cocktails, much to the delight of its Californian much so, that in a short number of years it had expanded into several locations across America.  Many Tiki Cocktail Bars sprung up in its shadows, replicating the winning formula and inventing even more Tiki cocktails along the way.

Whilst there are many different varieties of Tiki Cocktails, the common base ingredients are Rum, Lime and Sugar - creating the classic Tiki taste that is supplemented by spices, juices and creams.

Often referred to as the 'Holy Trinity' of Tiki Cocktails, the three most popular drinks from this cocktail movement are the Mai Tai with almond tones, the boozy Zombie, and  the Navy Grog.

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