Martini cocktail boxes

The classic Martini is timeless cocktail that has evolved over time from its humble beginnings to include just about any ingredient - from coffee, to mango, to chilli sauce - the options are endless! 

The origins of the Martini are unclear, with many stories claiming ownership for the invention of this classic cocktail.   One popular theory suggests that the Martini was first created in San Francisco, referencing the nearby town of Martinez.  However the most likely reason for the Martini becoming so popular may be traced back to the 1920's during prohibition in the America.  The relative ease of home-made gin production during the 13 year alcohol ban led to the rise of the Martini as the predominant cocktail in the USA, later spreading across the globe as a worldwide trend.

The Martini Cocktail saw a decline in popularity in the 1970's and 80's, and was viewed as out-of-date when compared to the fresh cocktails on the scene. However, the Classic Martini saw a revival around the turn of the century, fuelled by popular culture and the classic James Bond line - 'Martini, shaken not stirred'.

Fast forward to the present day, the Martini revival as gone from strength to strength, with modern takes such as the Pornstar Martini claiming the #1 spot on cocktail lists around the globe. 

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