Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit Gift Set

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Introducing the Old Fashioned Cocktail Gift Set from Cocktail Crates

An aromatic, flavoursome cocktail with whisky and bitters, boxed up for your drinking pleasure!

Old Fashioned Cocktail Gift Set

What is included in the Old Fashioned Cocktail Gift Box?

The Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit from Cocktail Crates contains premium ingredients to create the perfect aromatic drink in the comfort of your own home.  

Contents of the Old Fashioned Cocktail Box:

  • 2 x 100ml Whisky  ABV. 40% vol
  • 1 x 60ml Orange liquor   ABV. 20% vol
  • 1 x 60ml Cane sugar 
  • 1 x 10ml Bitters    ABV. 44% vol
  • 1 x jar cocktail cherries
  • 1 x 200ml Soda water
  • Makes at least 4 Old Fashioned Cocktails
Old Fashioned Cocktail Gift Set


A brief history of the Old Fashioned Cocktail...

The Old Fashioned Cocktail kit has been around for centuries, and its taste, tone and texture is just as popular today as it was when it was first invented.

First introduced in the 1800's at a time when 'cocktails' as we know them didn't exist, the combination of spirits, sugar, water and bitters became commonly known as the Old Fashioned.  With deep roots in cocktail history, the first ever documented definition of the word 'cocktail' was published in 1806 in response to a reader asking the publication to explain what an Old Fashioned was - kick starting evolution of the modern cocktail, and placing the Old Fashioned at the forefront of this movement.

Over time there have been many variations of the Old Fashioned - from the Absynthe version popular in the 1880s, to the rum version which was popular in the early 1900's - but it's the Whiskey Old Fashioned that has established itself as the premier spirit, and has become synonymous with the Old Fashioned Cocktail that is served around the globe today.

And not just any whisky that will do - the Old Fashioned demands the best.  Whereas some cocktails can mask a substandard spirit with fruity flavours or mixers, with the simplicity and elegance of this drink means that the whisky is the star of the show.  As a rule of thumb, the whisky choice for an Old Fashioned should be of a quality that can be drank on its own.  

The Old Fashioned cocktail has a firm place on any cocktail menu, achieving the cocktail wall of fame status alongside other classics such as the Manhattan, Mint JulepWhisky Sour and Negroni.

For an enhanced experience, try the Old Fashioned Charcuterie box, with carefully selected foods from around the world that perfectly compliment the classic Old Fashioned.

Old Fashioned Cocktail Gift Set


Frequently asked questions:


How do I make the Old Fashioned Cocktail:

The Old Fashioned Cocktail Gift Box contains an instruction card which provides step-by-step guidance on how to make this aromatic cocktail.  We simplify the process, to ensure that even cocktail rookies are able to create a Pornstar Martini that would't be out of place at a high end cocktail bar! 


How is the Old Fashioned packaged?

The Old Fashioned Cocktail ingredients are individually packed inside a beautiful branded gift box, with a black laminated finish, and concealed magnetic snap-shut front clasp closure.  To ensure this arrives to you in perfect condition, all Cocktail Crates are wrapped in a recycled bubble wrap bag, and placed in a double walled postal box that can be discarded once your parcel arrives safely.


What is the shelf life of this product?

The Old Fashioned Cocktail Gift Box has a shelf life of at least 3 months from the point of order.


What type of person would love the Old Fashioned Cocktail Gift Box?

This popular cocktail kit would be great for anyone who wants to create a timeless classic, or a great gift for anyone who enjoys a whisky tipple with a twist.  With a broad appeal, this old fashioned cocktail would be appropriate for any celebration.


What's it like to receive an Old Fashioned Cocktail Gift Box?

Unboxing an Old Fashioned Cocktail Gift Set is a special experience - lifting the lid of this beautifully presented box will reveal luxurious ingredients and a unique Cocktail Crates instruction card, hand-packed with premium gift paper.


Are there any alternatives to the Old Fashioned Cocktail?

Yes there are many similar cocktails to the Old Fashioned, created with different ingredients to produce a completely new drinking experience.  Check out the below cocktail kits for inspiration:

Manhattan Cocktail Kit Gift Set

Whisky Sour Cocktail Kit Gift Set


Do you offer the Old Fashioned Cocktail in any other packages?

For an extra indulgent experience, there are premium packages available for customers who want to create that special moment.  Check out the Charcuterie and Pamper boxes below...

Old Fashioned Charcuterie Box

Old Fashioned Pamper Box


Do you offer a non-alcohol version of the Old Fashioned Cocktail?

Unfortunately we don't - the Old Fashioned Cocktail is a spirit based drink, and therefore isn't easy to substitute with non-alcoholic ingredients.  When a premium whisky replacement comes available, we will be sure to launch an alcohol-free version! 


Is the Old Fashioned a popular cocktail?

The Old Fashioned is a timeless classic, and is regularly featured in the 'top 10' cocktails of all time.  With countless whiskies and bitters to create different tones and taste profiles, drinking an Old Fashioned never gets old.


Do I need any equipment to make the Old Fashioned cocktail?

Every cocktail requires a unique combination of ingredients, methods and equipment in order to successfully create the finished result.  Whilst the Old Fashioned cocktail is complex in flavour profiles, the process is made accessible to any cocktail lover by following theCocktail Crates step-by-step guide.  All you need is a few pieces of equipment that can be found in most households such as a stirring spoon and a glass of your choice to serve - everything else is contained within your Old Fashioned cocktail kit.


Is the Old Fashioned included in the Cocktail Crates Subscription Plan?

Yes the Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit Gift Box is included in the subscription plan, alongside all other cocktails in the full range.  Find out how to join the Cocktail Club here!


Join the Cocktail Club - Cocktail Subscription Plans


What our our customers say:

  • "Perfect gift!"
  • "The Old Fashioned box was great and contained miniature bitters, whiskeys, orange liquor, a jar of cherries etc - everything needed for a lovely drink."
  • "Brilliant idea for a gift - will be well received by anyone who receives it."
  • "Always wanted to try an Old Fashioned - this was perfect as all ingredients are contained in a beautiful gift set"
  • "Best Old Fashioned I've ever made at home!"
  • "Awesome birthday present"
Old Fashioned Cocktail Gift Set


Please note: We are continually updating and improving our boxed sets, and the contents is subject to change.  Wherever substitutes are made, the replacement will be the equivalent or better.