Mocktail Gift Box - Virgin Piña Colada, Passion Fruit Cooler, Virgin Mojito

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Introducing the Cocktail Gift Box from Cocktail Crates!  

Move aside alcohol - it's Mocktail time!  Long gone are the days of tasteless mocktails...with an abundance of ingredients tailored for those who wish to join in the fun but without the alcohol, a new era of alcohol-free mocktails has arrived!  

At its most basic level, a Mocktail is simply an imitation of a cocktail, however to make a Mocktail really great, there has to be careful thought and consideration into getting the right ingredients and ratios to match the classic cocktails they replicate.  

Dating back as far as the 1930s, many credit the rise of the Mocktail to the infamous Shirey Temple a sweet Mocktail allegedly created in Hollywood for the star of the same name, 

Perfect for adults or kids alike, the Mocktail gift box from Cocktail Crates is suitable for birthdays, baby showers, or any party.

With three delicious Mocktails to choose from, the Mocktail Gift Box from Cocktail Crates brings flavour, texture and tones that can be shaken up in the comfort of your own home!

Mocktail Gift Set


What is included in the Mocktail Gift Box? 

The Mocktail Gift Box contains premium ingredients to create:

  • 2 x Virgin Piña Colada - coconut and pineapple perfection
  • 2 x Passion Fruit Cooler - sweet and fruity martini (without the vodka!)
  • 2 x Virgin Mojito - our take on the classic Mojito with a twist

Contents of this box:

  • 1 x 200ml Artisan Soda 
  • 1 x 200ml premium pineapple juice 
  • 1 x 200ml Passion fruit nectar
  • 1 x 165ml Coconut cream
  • 2 x 60ml Lime
  • 1 x 60ml Sugar Cane
  • 1 x 30ml Grenadine
  • Number of cocktails in this box: 6
Mocktail Gift Set


Frequently asked questions:


What's it like to receive a Mocktail Gift Box?

Unboxing a Mocktail Gift Set is a special experience - lifting the lid of this beautifully presented box will reveal luxurious ingredients and a unique Cocktail Crates instruction card, hand-packed with premium gift paper.

Mocktail Gift Set


How is the Mocktail Gift Box packaged?

The Mocktail ingredients are individually packed inside a beautiful branded gift box, with a black laminated finish, and concealed magnetic snap-shut front clasp closure.  To ensure this arrives to you in perfect condition, all Cocktail Crates are wrapped in a recycled bubble wrap bag, and placed in a double walled postal box that can be discarded once your parcel arrives safely.

Mocktail Gift Set


How do I make the Mocktail:

The Mocktail Gift Box contains an instruction card which provides step-by-step guidance on how to make this fruity cocktail.  Cocktail Crates do the hard work to simplify the process, meaning that even cocktail rookies are able to create professional quality Mocktails in the comfort of their own homes.

Mocktail Gift Set


How many Mocktails are included in this box?

There are 6 generous Mocktails included in this box!

Mocktail Gift Set


What is the shelf life of this product?

The Mocktail Gift Box has a shelf life of at least 3 months from the point of order.

Mocktail Gift Set


What other Mocktails are available from Cocktail Crates?

You can browse the full range of Mocktails here, including the famed Pornstar Mocktini and the Mocktail Pamper box.

Mocktail Gift Set


Do you offer the Mocktail Gift Box in any other packages?

Of course!  Cocktail Crates offer premium packages for customers who want to create that extra special moment of indulgence.  We offer both Charcuterie and Pamper Mocktail boxes - check them out below...

Mocktail Charcuterie Gift Box

Mocktail Pamper Cocktail Box


Do I need any equipment to make the Mocktails?

Every Mocktail is unique, and requires different ingredients and equipment to create the finished result.  All you need to create these stunning cocktails is a number of household items such as a shaker and a glasses to serve.

Mocktail Gift Set


Do you offer alcoholic versions of these mocktails?

Of course we do :-)  We offer alcoholic versions of all three cocktails contained within this Mocktail Gift Box - check them out below:

Pornstar Martini Cocktail Kit Gift Box

Pina colada Cocktail Kit Gift Box

Mojito Cocktail Kit Gift Box


Is the Mocktail Gift Box included in the Cocktail Crates Subscription Plan?

No unfortunately it is not - the Subscription Plan is for alcoholic cocktails only.  Find out how to join the Cocktail Club here!

What our our customers say:

"I ordered this alcohol free box for a colleague who was pregnant. She was thrilled with it.."

"Great gift - so many ingredients in the box to make three mocktails."

"Such a cute, thoughtful birthday present."

"Delicious and brilliant."

"Arrived quicker than expected and looks great"

"A lovely alcohol free mocktail set"

Mocktail Gift Set


Please note: We are continually updating and improving our boxed sets, and the contents is subject to change.  Wherever substitutes are made, the replacement will be the equivalent or better.